K West Hotel & Spa launches the ultimate A-list treatment

22 September 2009

Guests can leave K West Hotel & Spa looking fabulous with a slimmer body ready to walk the red carpet, with the latest celebrity beauty trend, the Universal Contour Wrap.

As the only treatment to guarantee a six-inch loss, Universal Contour Wrap has been scientifically proven to offer instant results for a smoother and firmer body shape. The study from University of Westminster also confirmed that the incredible inch-loss remains for at least 30 days.

Used as a secret weapon by celebrities, Universal Contour Wrap leaves guests feeling great and looking fabulous too. Guests are wrapped in approximately 25 bandages which are pre-soaked in a warm and nourishing clay-solution. The elastic cotton bandages are used to compress soft tissue with specialist wrapping techniques. After application, which takes approximately 45 minutes, guests can relax for one hour whilst the bandages gently remove toxins and poisons from the body’s tissue.

So that guests can see the amazing results, all treatments start with a set of pre-wrap measurements of specific points on the body. Following the treatment, the same points are measured again to highlight the total inch-loss. Guests are guaranteed to lose a total of six inches with their first treatment, and can also lose up to 25 inches with three to five courses. That’s a whole dress size!

Universal Contour Wraps can make a difference to all body shapes and sizes as it tones and shapes all figures. The combination of the unique clay formula and special wrapping techniques tightens and firms the body, whilst exfoliating and cleansing the skin to make it silky soft. Universal Contour Wraps can improve many body anxieties by reducing the visibility of stretch marks or a double chin, firming the bust and buttocks, and shedding inches from those who do not have excess weight, but need to lose a few inches to improve their shape.

Suitable for both women and men, Universal Contour Wrap is the perfect treatment for immediate slimming results. In particular it can help guests who need a last-minute slimming fix for a holiday, wedding or Christmas party; dieters who want help to start their slimming plan; new mothers who want to reduce loose skin caused by pregnancy; men with problem areas such as their stomachs, waists or mid-riffs; and those who have stubborn areas with unwanted inches.

Celebrities who rely on Universal Contour Wrap to look their best at red carpet events include: Claire Sweeney, Paula Abdul, Rachel Stevens, and Zoe Ball.

"So many beauty treatments promise you the earth and never really deliver. The fact that the Classic Treatment from Universal Contour Wrap has been scientifically proven to produce inch loss every time, and on everyone who tries it, makes it unique and real value for money," Claire Sweeney.

K West Hotel & Spa, Richmond Way, London W14 0AX

For reservations, visit k-west.co.uk.

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