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Enjoyable Stay - FAQ

Enjoyable Stay is an online reservation system for the accommodation industry. The system provides the facility for your website visitors to check availability and make a reservation request online accordingly.

For all those of you who only check their emails once a day, do not worry. As stated this is a request and you are not bound to accept it. In the event of you taking a booking over the phone or through another source only to check your emails at the end of the day and discover another request has been made online you can simply decline the request.

According to a MORI Poll, 35% of the 23 million Britons who have used the internet used it to make purchases. Of these purchases (35%) the most popular were for Flights and Hotel bookings.

Once you have done all the hard work of attracting people to your website you need to make it as easy as possible for them to make a commitment there and then, once they wander off they may never come back.

All our members have reported increased bookings in comparison to their previous method of obtaining Internet bookings.

EnjoyableStay.com uses the latest encryption technology to secure booking transactions. Our SSL Certificate is provided by Verisign, the US Encryption and Security company, and ensures that your personal and credit card information is encrypted during transmission on the Internet. Furthermore your credit card details are then stored in our secure, encrypted database and are available only to ourselves and your accommodation. Your credit card information will be permanently removed from our servers within a period not exceeding 30 days of the date of your departure from the accommodation.

You can see how well the system works for your business free for TWO MONTHS. After this you have a choice of two payment options.

Option 1: You pay a fixed fee of 14.95+VAT per month. No other charges are made for the standard system and you have access to secure online reservations, reports, and visitor statistics.

Option 2: You pay no monthly minimum and a fixed 5% commission fee on any bookings taken. No other charges are made for the standard system and you have access to secure online reservations, reports, and visitor statistics.

Unlike enquiry forms, online availability generates "real" reservation requests. Real in the sense that they come complete with credit card details, a demonstration of your prospective clients' commitment.

Based on other systems, some hoteliers are concerned the administration will take to long. The Enjoyable Stay system is both fast and intuitive, on average our customers spend only 5 minutes a day updating their availability.

Enjoyable Stay uses a secure server to take the booking details taking credit card information to confirm the request ensuring that the guest will honour their commitment.

Independent studies have proven that Internet users like to do everything immediately. If they can't check availability and place a booking request immediately they're likely to go to another website that lets them do so. A lot of the larger hotel chains have already realised this and have implemented (at great cost) their own Internet reservation systems. Enjoyable Stay puts this facility within the reach of even the smallest establishment.

We are often met with this response and our response to this is why?

Many people are worried about how often they need to check their email. You do not have to sit in front of your computer all day to make the system work, most of our customers only check their email once a day.

Others say the administration will take too long. On average our customers spend only 5 minutes a day updating their availability using our fast online forms.

Our establishment doesn't take credit cards. Credit cards are used to secure the booking. Once you have accepted the booking the final method of payment is between yourself and your guest. After confirming the booking you can ask for a deposit via cheque if that is your preference. We already have clients using the system to secure bookings (and doing so successfully) who are not even able to accept payment via credit card.

Our final response is if you don't try using the system you will never know whether it can benefit your business.

Each time a reservation is made you will receive an email so you can measure the number of requests immediately. Additionally the online statistics show how many enquiries are been made from your website so you can measure the number of enquiries to the number of reservations. This provides a level of analysis that allows you to accurately measure the success of your website and therefore decide where to invest your future marketing budget.

The trial offer for two months completely free is correct. There are no hidden costs and if you decide you don't want to use the system at the end of the trial period simply let us know and we will remove your details.

The only input required from yourself is to enter your details online and set your room availability. We will generate the link automatically which you then need to place on your website for online reservations. The average sign up time is about 30 minutes but it can be completed faster than that. Telephone or email support is always available and is also completely free.

The success of any website depends on the number of links to it. We actively encourage you to make the links to our reservation system as visible as possible and do not charge any additional fees for doing so.

Many of our customers link to our booking system from more than one location and even more than one website, the end result of which is they receive more bookings for their business.

Unlike some other systems we have no minimum signup period which you have to agree to. If you decide the system is no longer useful let us know and we'll remove your details.

There is also no minimum room availability required by our system. We would encourage our members to keep their availability as up to date as possible as this reduces the number of booking rejections.

Again we actively encourage you to tailor the system to resemble your website. By mirroring the look and feel of your main site the booking system does not cause confusion to the prospective guest as they haven't changed sites and so don't need to become concerned. You can customise the booking forms within your administration area, again if you require help just call or email us for free support.

We will provide a single page listing for your business and promote it across the Internet free of charge when you become a member. Alternatively you could take advantage of one of our low cost packages which will provide you with a website to take online booking requests.

You can sign up online by clicking here or if you have further questions contact us via email or telephone using the details below.


Telephone: 0845 126 0522

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